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A Latte Love Affair

A latte is so much more than just a drink. A latte can be a start for that jittery first date, a purposeful conversation, or even an excuse to sit down and just get work done.

Sunday morning came along, and my soul was calling for a warm latte. There is just something about sitting in a coffee shop where I get a feeling of total tranquility yet also the burning sensation to be productive and take over the world. I found myself at a coffee shop called Frothy Monkey.

I absolutely loved the charming exterior and interior of the Frothy Monkey. I sat at a table in a section that felt like it was once a side porch and now enclosed still with an aged charming vibe. I thought the staff inside seemed diligent with the busy environment. My server was cordial and attentive which I always appreciate and respect.

I ordered a warm 16-ounce latte with oat milk and vanilla syrup. With every sip I felt more and more like I was a journalist exploring New York City seeking out adventure.

The presentation describes perfectly how a good latte makes me feel; my heart was filled with warmth and delight after my first sip. The frothiness was on point! The steamed oat milk was soothingly creamy and cozy with classic robust espresso flavor. My only critique is that I would have preferred slightly more vanilla flavor, but I do acknowledge my bias that I have a major sweet tooth.

What is your favorite latte order?

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