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A Luxurious Seafood Delicacy

My dad came down to Nashville to meet me for a weekend filled with good eating. We spent one of our evenings together at Carne Mare located on 12th Avenue South. The interior of the restaurant had the iconic steakhouse dim lighting with a sophisticated ambiance.

We were intrigued by almost everything listed on the menu. The entree that stood out the most was this show-stopping lobster dish. When I saw people's heads turn around and gaze at the lobster approaching our table, I knew it was going to be epic. My dad and I both share the foodie gene where you get a little adrenaline rush when you order the dish with a presentation everyone else at the table gets jealous of.

The menu called the dish Lobster in Purgatorio with a Calabrian chili and citrus.

The lobster was deliciously succulent. I have eaten proteins from many other restaurants that claimed to be marinated in citrus, but I struggled to taste it. I was in awe of the real citrus flavor this lobster incorporated. The combination of fiery and fruity accents on the rich lobster meat was mouthwatering. My dad and I did a little happy dance in our seats after every bite; little moments like those are simply priceless.

I love watching the sparkle in someone's eyes as they take a bite of something marvelous. A restaurant is doing something extremely right when your dining experience feels magical.

This lobster was worth every dollar.

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