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A Taste of Italy In New York City

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

I was extremely blessed to be able to spend my Christmas break in New York City. While staying in the Manhattan area, I found Tony's Di Napoli which was voted a top ten Italian restaurants in NYC by Trip Advisor and voted a top ten overall restaurants in NYC by Open Table.

I dined at their Upper East Side location which had an incredibly warm and inviting atmosphere. The interior decor was filled with rustic Italian-themed accents and a waiter provided some live music entertainment. I always appreciate restaurants who take an extra step to make the dining experience feel a little more special.

I ordered their pasta dinner called 'Penne Broccoli Garlic & Olive Oil'. This was the freshest tasting pasta I have ever eaten. Just the pasta itself was light, so tender, and simply a masterpiece. The olive oil sauce was bursting with garlic flavor. The plate was nicely balanced with rich and refreshing flavor which made for delightful satisfaction. The broccoli was cut into bite size pieces so you could get some with every bite. I typically like to add more elements into my pasta dishes like a variety of vegetables or protein, but the pure taste of the pasta was so magnificent I did not feel like it was missing anything.

The pastas are served family-style which means the dish can serve multiple people at your table. This feature is nice when you are with a large party, and everyone can get portions of different pastas on the menu.

I will be craving Tony's Di Napoli pasta until my next visit to NYC. I HIGHLY recommend!

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