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Citrus Sunshine in a Pastry

When life gives you lemons, make lemon poppy seed croissants!

While I was walking back from church on Sunday morning, I passed The Buttermilk Ranch located on 12th Avenue South and decided to make a stop.

Be careful about coming for a visit on a Saturday or Sunday morning if you do not have time to wait in a long line. I waited in line for over an hour, but my foodie soul was motivated to try one of their pastries.

It was a bright and sunny day outside, so my taste buds were craving some refreshing lemon flavor.

When I finally sat down and opened the box, my mouth was watering. The details of the poppy seeds in a nicely presented row with the candied lemon zest on top were lovely.

I was amazed by the outer layer being incredibly crispy while the inside remained perfectly light and fluffy. It was like biting into a sugary cloud but with a satisfying crunch. The flaky outside layer was also completely covered in a sweet glaze that paired delightfully with the poppy seeds.

To make things even better, the inside was filled with a house made lemon curd frosting. The lemon flavor was perfectly balanced with sweet, citrusy, and zesty notes!

Complete texture and flavor heaven!

This perfectly baked fresh pastry was sunshine in food form and certainly continued to fuel my zest for life.

Sometimes you have to get a little messy!

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