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Sweet Southern Comfort

The city of Nashville is constantly growing their food scene. The restaurant Common Ground has recently been all over my Instagram explore page and I was ready to try it myself. Common Ground has two locations in Nashville, Tennesse and I ate at their Berry Hill location.

The first thing I took note of was the incredibly friendly host that greeted me on my way inside the restaurant. The server was also lovely and provided great service to the table.

I ordered their signature chicken entree that was served with wilted spinach, garlic honey, and a cauliflower puree. The menu description also included crispy artichoke hearts which I was disappointed to not see on my plate.

With that being said, the chicken was cooked perfectly. Each bite was tender and juicy. The crispy skin on top added a good crunch and mouthwatering flavor. I am a major sauce girl where I dip everything I can into a sauce, but this chicken was enjoyable even without one. The addition of the garlic honey made for a delectable bite.

The cauliflower puree and spinach were a very light and refreshing pairing for the chicken. They were seasoned nicely and loaded with honey flavor. The overall dish tasted like sweet southern charm, and I was here for it!

My only complaint was that there was a lack of texture balance. Everything was mainly soft and juicy. The only crunch I got was from the skin on the chicken and I would have liked the artichokes for an added crispiness which would have elevated the whole dish.

I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of Common Ground and thrilled to plan my next visit to try more of their menu options.

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