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My First Taste Of Mexican Cuisine In New York City

During my visit in New York City, I spent a night dining at Cosme, known for their innovative take on Mexican cuisine.

The restaurant has a modern and sleek interior. It was quite noisy inside which made it slightly difficult to talk to our server and anyone around the table. But watching the bustling staff and people's eye start to glow as their food was set on the table kept me intrigued. I was also next pleasantly surprised about how quick our service was.

The first dish set on our table was their herb guacamole and corn tostadas. The presentation of the guacamole was beautiful with the herbs and edible flowers. The mashed avocados tasted so fresh, and the additional olive oil on top elevated the guacamole deliciously. With that being said, I was not a fan of the corn tostadas. Again, I liked the added step to present them in a more unique style, but the tortillas just tasted unbelievably stale. It was not a pleasant experience to try to bite into the tostadas. I could not taste any salt or really any flavor from the tostadas at all. The irresistible guacamole is what kept me coming in for more bites.

The first small plate entree I tried was their lobster al pastor. I wish I knew exactly what the sauce underneath the lobster was because it was phenomenal. The best way to describe the taste was like a smooth pineapple butter. The lobster meat was cooked perfectly and was so tender. The pineapple garnish on top was presented nicely and paired well with the chili spice from the al pastor marinade. The sweet flavors overpowered the spice and tanginess. But it tasted like a refreshing topical treat.

The second entree I tried was their blue crab chile relleno with a salsa borracha. The dish is traditionally a stuffed poblano pepper with a protein inside and an egg wash coating on the outside. The salsa borracha is known as "drunk salsa" which is a thicker consistency of salsa with a splash of the chef's choice of alcohol. This dish was stuffed with lump crabmeat and corn. The flavor had hints of zesty lime and spice nicely balanced with the rich crabmeat. The outside crunchy coating made every bite very satisfying. The execution of this dish was excellent.

Cosme is a great restaurant to bring any foodie to explore their uniquely presented and vibrant small plates and flavors.

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