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Could Brunch Be Your Love Language?

While exploring Nashville on the hunt to find the best places to eat, I found a restaurant located on 20th Avenue South called Love Language.

I came to eat on a Saturday morning to try items on their brunch menu. The dish that caught my attention the most on the menu was their avocado toast with lobster, fried eggs, radish salad, and herbs.

The size of their toast was pretty epic by taking up almost the entire plate and it was a thick cut which I loved. The bread was toasted well with a decent texture. My only complaint was that it just tasted like a piece of plain white bread.

The portion of the lobster meat was also phenomenal. There was enough for every bite to have a solid piece of lobster! The avocado toast had more lobster meat than some lobster rolls I have eaten. The rest of the garnishes lacked seasoning and any pizzazz. I would also recommend asking for the eggs to be cooked sunny side up for more flavor.

The dish has a lot of potential but also has some room for improvement.

Whenever there is a cinnamon roll on a brunch menu, I need to try it!

The dish included two cast iron cinnamon rolls topped with a cream cheese icing. The presentation was slightly disappointing and looked like it lacked some effort. It seemed like they were almost out of icing and scooped out the last little bit they had. The icing was also not the rich, creamy, sweet, and slightly tangy flavor I was craving. I struggled to taste a decent amount of sweetness and seemed closer to regular cream cheese.

The edges tasted slightly burnt, but the center piece came out nicely. The dough also lacked the sweet cinnamon-spiced heavenly flavor a perfect cinnamon roll has. The center piece was clearly the best bite with a hint of cinnamon sugar flavor and soaked in the most of what icing was there.

If you like desserts that are not super sweet, their cinnamon rolls would be for you, but my strong sweet tooth would not order that again.

Even though the dishes did not fully meet my expectations, my heart felt full from the whole brunch dining experience being with my friend. We got to laugh about the hard decision about what exactly to order off the menu and what sweet treat could we share.

Going out to eat with someone is one of life's most magical bonding experiences with an extra blessing of food on top of having a good conversation.

Food is truly my love language, and it was a pleasure to try brunch from Love Language Nashville.

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