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French Cuisine In Nashville

While back in Nashville, I was able to check a restaurant off of my bucket list that I have been thinking about for months. I dined at an amazing restaurant that took inspiration from the Nashville legend and super talented, Dolly Parton. White Limozeen's menu features French cuisine and southern comfort food. The interior decor is mostly pink with gold accents. There were many eclectic wall hangings and different textured wallpaper. The design was an interesting spin on a luxurious and retro feel.

I wanted to start my review with the star dish of the whole dining experience, their white chocolate souffle with a blueberry agrodolce, and topped with mascarpone ice cream. Souffle is known to be a baked egg dish mixed with beaten egg whites to make a cloud-like texture that can be made savory or sweet. The execution of this sweet souffle was perfect. The mascarpone ice cream was incredible. It was creamy yet so smooth and delightfully sweet with a hint of tanginess. The white chocolate simply melted in my mouth and the blueberry agrodolce was a great addition of refreshing flavor. One of the best desserts I have had in a long time!

The savory dishes did not disappoint either. I ordered the crab fritters with a creole hollandaise sauce and lemon. The sauce was more flavorful than a typical hollandaise with the iconic buttery taste but with hints of garlic and Cajun spices. The crabmeat was not comparable to jumbo lump crab in Maryland, but the seasoning was certainly there. The savory richness of the fritters paired nicely with the marinated and pickled vegetables.

My mom ordered their Alsace tarte flambee topped with caramelized onion, bacon, creme fraiche, and a grilled lemon. The dough was thin and crispy topped with a rich creme fraiche which made for a crave worthy bite. All the toppings were bursting with savory and slightly smoky flavor.

The common theme for every dish I tried at White Limozeen was that their chef's execution was excellent.

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Sure wish I there to enjoy with you. My Nashville trip is moving up in the rankings and dining at White Limozeen is a must!!! Enjoy for us


You sure do know how to make food taste and sound good. Such fancy words!

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