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Holy Brunch! Featuring The Mockingbird

A huge inspiration of mine in the food industry is Maneet Chauhan. She won season two of Tournament of Champions on the Food Network, is a judge on Chopped, the president of Morph Hospitality Group, and owner of multiple restaurants including Chauhan Ale & Masala House and The Mockingbird. While in Nashville, eating at one of her restaurants was high on my bucket list.

I got a reservation with my dad and older brother for brunch at The Mockingbird located on 12th Avenue North.

The exterior is eye-catching with a combination of vintage and modern decor and artistic wallpapers that grabs your attention nicely. It is just like Maneet Chauhan's dishes, colorful and exciting!

The menu was quite unique with a diverse selection of Southern comfort food with international flavors. Every menu item had a creative name like "Those Buns Dough" for their mouthwatering cinnamon roll that we of course ordered! The dish included brioche cinnamon rolls loaded with cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with powdered sugar. The dough was baked perfectly and the infusion of cinnamon sugar throughout was heavenly. The inside was pure fluffy goodness with crispy edges around the rim of the dish. The frosting was served gloriously dipping off the sides and I was ready to dig in. My taste buds were in love.

A great example of their spin on classic Southern comfort food that I wanted to feature in this article was the "Flock Yes". The plate included a fried chicken thigh on a buttermilk biscuit topped with salsa Verde, chorizo gravy, a fried egg and garnished with cilantro. The plate was vibrant and presented wonderfully. My brother did not want to share this one.

Something that I really appreciated about The Mockingbird was it simply felt so cozy and delightful inside. Sitting next to my dad with his arm around me and across from my brother giggling at the menu item names, while indulging in cinnamon rolls, before our actual entrees came out filled my heart with so much warmth and bliss. Now when I hear anyone talk about cinnamon rolls, I start to smile and think about my dad saying, "Those buns dough!"

A big thank you to The Mockingbird for a dining experience that left me feeling so blessed and grateful.

Part two featuring more plates from The Mockingbird will be published next.

Flock Yes

Those Buns Dough

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