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Is Jeni's Ice Cream Actually Splendid?

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Ice cream is truly a gift. Ice cream can have the power to turn a difficult day into a vacation.

I heard that Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams on 12th Avenue South in Nashville, Tennessee is a staple for the locals that I needed to taste for myself.

I instantly could smell the freshly made waffles when I walked through the door, and I felt like I was walking into my grandparent's house for breakfast on Christmas morning. The smell was like brown sugar and caramel heaven.

The line inside was long and not moving fast at all. Weirdly enough I was not upset because the aroma and atmosphere were incredibly calming. One of my favorite flavors for any sweet or savory dish is lemon... extra lemon zest please! When I saw they have a Lemon Bar flavor, I instantly knew that was the one I wanted to order. It was also one of their dairy free options which I believe is great that they offer for many specific needs of customers.

I ordered my ice cream in a bowl that comes with a complementary waffle piece garnish. I was underwhelmed by the waffle. It tasted like it was set out on a counter for days and honestly flavorless. The Lemon Bar ice cream was thought-provoking because it had a lot of things going on. I thought the ice cream honestly was not sweet enough for my taste buds. It was slightly sour, similar to lemon Italian ice, and the texture was slightly sandy lacking smoothness. The shortbread crust had a texture similar to cookie dough bites but still lacked in sweetness. It was like the ice cream itself does not really even know what it wants to be.

I am intrigued to come back and try their other options.

If you have been to Jeni's, what flavor do you recommend, and should I try the waffle bowl?

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