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Is Proper Bagel a Proper Bagel? Part Two

You can find my first review of Proper Bagel located in Nashville, Tennessee through the link below.

For my second go around, I ordered a sesame bagel with a roasted garlic and rosemary cream cheese schmear.

I was thoroughly disappointed and a little bewildered by the presentation because I thought the first bagel I had from the cafe was picture perfect. This sesame bagel seemed honestly smooshed; not the same indulgent pillowy goodness I was expecting to have again. Compared to my first bagel, this texture seemed to have lacked any complexity with just a crispy outer layer. If I did not know the bagels inside were marketed as freshly made, the taste of this bagel would have made me believe it was store-bought.

The roasted garlic and rosemary cream cheese was the saving grace. There were real rosemary leaves mixed in which gave off the warming nostalgic Thanksgiving aroma. I was very pleased with the slightly floral and earthy flavor combined with the roasted garlic.

My first visit was during a weekend and my second visit was during a weekday. Does the level of their bagel freshness depend on what day of the week you come in? Looks like I need to come back again and test my theory!

Should I try one of their sweet cream cheese flavors?

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