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Rating Hell's Kitchen Classics

Updated: Jun 8

Gordon Ramsay has become the face of the food world. Another restaurant experience I had the opportunity to cross off of my bucket list was his Hell's Kitchen in Washington D.C. The restaurant decor did not disappoint when it came to the show's flare and dramatics. My waiter even got me a special Hell's Kitchen pitchfork necklace from the back kitchen to wish me luck on my journey at the Culinary Institiute of America.

Ever since the reservation was made, my dad and I could not control our excitement. In this review I am going to highlight Gordon Ramsay's iconic dishes from the menu items we ordered.

The Pan-Seared Scallops were the first appetizer to be served. They were executed perfectly with a beautiful sear and proper amount of seasoning. Scallops have a rich flavor, and the pea puree added a refreshing herbaceous taste to the bite. What caught me a little off guard was how thin the scallops were and how they seemed to be cut in half. It certainly left the dish very light but for a special night out, I was missing the feeling of indulging.

The next appetizer was the Lobster Risotto with a butter-poached lobster tail, braised fennel, confit lemon zest, and parmesan. The most prominent flavor was actually the lemon zest which I loved. The consistency of the risotto was just right and was the refreshing yet more indulgent taste I was looking for. This dish would have been my favorite of the night, but it was served slightly cold which was a little off putting.

My dad's favorite appetizer was the Wagyu Meatballs with American wagyu, pork, slow-roasted tomato sauce, polenta croutons, parmesan, and basil. The skillet was a great serving vessel for the pool of super saucy and cheesy heaven. And the polenta croutons were a unique way to add another delicious crunchy texture.

Now the dish everyone was waiting for, the Beef Wellington served with potato puree, glazed root vegetables, and a red wine demi-glace. My dad, who I consider a steak expert, said this was the most tender cut of steak he has ever eaten. The puff pastry was a gorgeous golden brown and balance of soft and crispy. The flavor was an epic savory and umami bomb. We could tell Gordon Ramsay has beef wellington down to a science.

Now this entree seemed to be created just for my taste buds. The Crispy Skin Salmon was served on a bed of black lentils, citrus Beurre Blanc, and marinated fennel. You could see the shinning skin from a mile away. The body of the salmon stayed very tender while the skin was the crisp mouthwatering texture salmon lover's dream about. The earthy lentil taste with the citrus and fennel was a perfect flavor pairing. Simply nothing I would change about this plate.

We ended the meal exactly how we think Gordon Ramsay would want us to. The Sticky Toffee Pudding was the star dessert of the night. It was served with English toffee sauce and dulce de leche ice cream. The cake was just warm enough to have the ice cream seamlessly and slowly melt into the rest of the dessert. The toffee sauce was buttery with a perfect hint of caramelized sugar. The blend of nutty and sweet flavors was delightful.

We left the restaurant in the perfect level of blissful satisfied food comas.

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