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The Beauty of Freshly Baked Bread

Who does not love to start a meal with a warm and buttery roll? Bread makes me think about sitting with my family for a comforting meal where all worries fade away. I know for my family, when there is bread at the center of the table there will be a battle to grab one. Family meals can provide cherished memories and be a beautiful reminder that happiness comes from being surrounded by loved ones... while eating bread!

My younger self thought life could not get any better than a plain piece of bread with some butter. I never imagined a whole world of bread at another level until I started to get older, and my foodie heart began to explore. There is an art form behind baking perfectly soft bread with a glorious golden crust. It is a sensory delight that engages all your senses with its aroma, complex texture, and mouthwatering appearance. I certainly struggle to bake it myself but when I get served some, it is pure bliss on a plate.

During my dining experience at Carne Mare located in Nashville, Tennesse, I was graced by freshly baked garlic bread heaven. The garlic brought a bold and aromatic kick, and the butter balanced it tremendously with its creaminess. It was served in a deep-dish tray with the sides covered in the rich garlic butter. With a garnish of parmesan cheese and herbs on top, it was simply irresistible. I was more and more elated with every bite.

Carne Mare

An additional feature of more must-try bread in Nashville, Tennessee, was from The Twelve Thirty Club. This bread was a buttermilk focaccia with smoky artichoke, basil, and spicy Calabrian tomato pesto dips. The top layer was well-baked and topped with sea salt flakes that enhanced the delectable buttery flavor. The extra sea salt on the crust was an exquisite pairing to the slight sweetness of the buttermilk. The focaccia texture was what I dream a cloud feels like. It was light, airy, and again irresistible.

The Twelve Thirty Club

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