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The Emotions Behind a Pasta Dish

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Pasta is the food I picture in romantic movies to simply portray a tone of pure bliss. I get a rush of those feelings when I see a plate of pasta coming to the table. I've eaten dishes from across the country, but one in particular has stood out to me the most.

Twin Arch Tavern located in Maryland has a menu item called Sundried Tomato Pasta. The plate involved trottole pasta in a pesto cream sauce with sundried tomatoes, garlic, parmesan, and a side of garlic bread. The shape of the trottole held in the creamy sauce exquisitely for a luscious bite of indulgence. The strong tangy yet also savory flavor of the sundried tomatoes paired nicely with the creamy sauce. My only complaint was that the tomatoes were in flakes instead of whole. Shaved parmesan is my prefered style of cheese to garnish pasta with; it just melts in your mouth. For extra protein I added shrimp which provided a hint of sweet and smoky flavor from paprika seasoning I thought elevated the whole dish.

On this specific day my mom and I went out for a spontaneous lunch date. This occasion really backed up my belief that food brings memories beyond the plate. Now when I go back and think about this heavenly plate of pasta, I also remember the many laughs and jubilant moments we shared.

Food can be so much more than just an object, but it can be a feeling or enrichment to your life. Something that brings loved ones closer together and memories for a lifetime. When I think of pasta, I think of my mom.

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