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The Power Of Simplicity

One of the most common proteins anyone attempts to cook is chicken. Chicken can be put into pasta, sandwiches, served as nuggets, shredded into dips, and what I believe is the hardest to achieve... served as the star of the plate. Most overlook how the execution of a perfectly cooked chicken breast is actually extremely difficult.

While staying in Poughkeepsie, New York, I dined at Crew Restaurant & Bar. This is where I ordered their roasted chicken breast entree with beef tallow confit sweet potatoes, pan-roasted vegetables, and a whole grain mustard demi.

The chicken's tenderness was out of this world. I could taste the effects of letting the chicken rest before slicing into it by the chicken's juiciness. The skin stayed crispy, and the seasoning was just right. There was no sauce even needed for this dish to be excellent. The only thing left on this plate when I was finished was the bone!

I also had items off of their appetizer menu including burrata, crispy Brussels sprouts, and spinach dip that were all pretty average. This left me a little confused by the contrast of quality between the entrees and appetizers.

But after being completely blown away by a simple chicken breast, I realized that the best chefs achieve greatness by being able to execute simplicity perfectly.

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