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Pesto Presentation Perfection

Who doesn't feel pure excitement the moment when you are dining at a restaurant, and you see a server approaching your table with a tray filled with food. The aroma from the food fills your soul with anticipation and once the plate hits the table your mouth begins to water. A magnificently presented dish can extremely enhance the feeling.

The dish that came to mind when I was thinking about an exquisite presentation was this pesto caprese salad with salmon from Blackwall Hitch located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

The precise details like the balsamic drizzle pattern on top of the layered mozzarella and sliced tomato were dazzling to the eyes.

The pairing of fresh tangy tomatoes with creamy mozzarella cheese is a classic that has lasted for a reason. The very aromatic pesto had a glorious combination of fresh basil, essence of pine nuts, richness of olive oil, and sharpness from the garlic. The added semi-sweet balsamic glaze garnished with fragrant basil was an exceptional last touch. The added salmon was cooked exactly how I wanted it to be. The edges were crispy heaven and the middle beautifully flaked off my fork.

My foodie heart was filled with satisfaction and joy.

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