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First Taste of The Holiday Season

To read about my first visit to The Butter Milk Ranch located on 12th Avenue South in Nashville, click the link attached below!

As soon as November 1st passed, my Christmas spirits have been high! There is something magical about the taste of warm cinnamon sugar during the holiday season.

When I saw The Butter Milk Ranch's twisted cinnamon croissant on their bakery counter, my eyes lit up with excitement.

The croissant is rolled in cinnamon sugar and topped with cream cheese icing.

The dough was perfectly baked. The exterior of the pastry was so crisp while the inside stayed incredibly soft and fluffy. They executed texture heaven which made every bite unbelievably satisfying.

The top half was a plain croissant base which was a great way to balance the heavily coated cinnamon sugar bottom half. It satisfied my sweet tooth wonderfully without going overboard.

I would have preferred slightly more icing but just because it was so delicious.

The icing was so smooth and sweet with a hint of tanginess from the cream cheese. The combination of the icing and the croissant was truly delectable.

Being able to eat a pastry as extraordinary as this one felt like a gift from God, and every bite reminded me that good food is a true blessing.

Who else is ready to indulge into more delicious holiday goods with their families this year?

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