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Donuts In Nashville Made With Love

A great donut should make you feel like you have entered a sugary sweet haven that fills your heart with warmth and enthusiasm for life.

I decided to spend my morning outside on a walk because my early class for the day was canceled, and I was drawn in by the buttery aroma of Five Daughters Bakery. The building has a radiant blue roof supported by painted white bricks with a charming baby pink sign in the center with the bakery's name. But my favorite exterior decoration was a sticker on their window that said, "Nothing is sweeter than family."

I could feel joy in the air when I entered inside. The employee behind the counter had the biggest smile on her face and was so excited to tell me all about the flavor options. I truly love when I can feel the worker's passion about a restaurant radiating off of them.

From the 100 Layer Staple Flavors menu section, I ordered the Strawberry Fields Donut. The dazzling pink color of the frosting was especially appetizing to me. I dove in with a big first bite and the fluffy croissant-style dough was perfection in my opinion. I could tell the dough was freshly baked by the bold sweet flavor. The more I tried it, each bite just seemed so crafted with care. The strawberry flavor mostly came from the frosting, but I could taste a hint of it in the dough as well. The taste was a combination of fruity, tangy, and sweet. I personally love strawberry flavored baked goods because they have an aspect of refreshment yet still an essence of indulgence.

I also got the Sea Salt Chocolate Chip flavor to review. I thought it had a subtle scent of molasses which made me even more thrilled to taste it. This donut was much denser compared to the first. The layer of chocolate frosting was thin and added a satisfying crunch when I bit into it. I thought the donut had just the right amount of sea salt that combined with the chocolate chips delightfully. The dough of this donut was more similar to a perfectly baked moist muffin. I loved the contrast of the hard layer of frosting with the soft donut.

Five Daughters Bakery on this day made my morning so marvelous to the point I felt like I could have happily skipped all the way back to my building after trying these donuts. Sometimes the key to starting your morning off right is simply with a donut made with love!

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