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The Pure Pleasures of Ice Cream

Good food always leaves me with a deep gratification for life, but I believe there is no other food that is more transcendent than ice cream. A voluminous bowl of ice cream is like a frosted oasis that leaves my heart full of liveliness and ease. Ice cream can even be a feeling of prosperity after you get through a challenge.

The Tennessee Cobbler Company food truck has been on my mind ever since I walked past it the other day. The well-pressed white truck looks like an extension of an adorable farmhouse; it was exactly what I imagine when I think of charming southern spirit.

Today I ordered a bowl of their lemon blueberry ice cream flavor with pie pieces mixed in.

Every bite was a bite full of pure bliss. The real blueberries added a delightful amount of freshness that was phenomenal with the sweet citrus lemon flavor. The contrast of the creamy ice cream with the crisp pie crust was a match made in heaven. There was absolutely nothing I would have changed about it.

While writing this article I started to reflect on memories I have with my dad centered around our many ice cream dates. Him and I share a strong enthusiasm for ice cream. My favorite memory was a day we decided to go see a movie later in the evening, so we decided to get ice cream after dinner to fill time. We walked into the shop, and I saw my dad's eyes light up with elation when he saw there was a cherry vanilla flavor that has been a lifelong favorite of his. I love when I get to learn more about his childhood and that is an example of what food can bring beyond the plate, harmony. We sat down and shared a moment filled with good spirits; so many inside jokes we still laugh about were formed that night. I felt beyond blessed to bond even more with my dad in such a simple way of going out for ice cream.

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