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You Are Cinnamon Rolling Into My Heart

As soon as the "ber" months begin, I reminisce about moments taking big bites into warm and gooey cinnamon rolls straight out of the oven while watching nostalgic Christmas movies with loved ones all bundled up and cozy on the couch. My parents instilled in me the lesson that people who smile more live better and food can bring out some of life's most joyful moments. The aroma of cinnamon sugar in the air is like an essence of cheer when flowing through my family's house.

The cinnamon roll featured in this article was from my dining experience at Ted's Bulletin in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I always appreciate a humorous menu caption and loved their "Cinnamon Roll As Big As Ya Head" title. The roll is only available on weekends so plan your visit accordingly! The portion is a great size to share with multiple people at a table and for only $9.89. Mine was served warm with the perfect fluffy inside and crisp edges infused with sweet cinnamon. The house made cream cheese frosting was rich and creamy with a hint of tangy flavor. Having the frosting served on the side was a wonderful way for everyone to get the exact ratio they desired in every bite.

I could not name many other things that taste better than the center piece of a freshly baked pillowy cinnamon roll; the piece that simply melts in your mouth.

I love an appetizer like this that engages everyone at a table that can start a jubilant or even silly conservation that leads to memories that last... centered around a cinnamon roll possibly bigger than ya head!

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