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How To Have a Dough-lightful Day

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Check out the link below to read my first food story about Five Daughters Bakery that has multiple locations in Nashville.

My life was changed ever since I took my first bite into their 100-layer donuts.

For my most recent visit to Five Daughters Bakery, I came with one of my friends also in school at Nashville and we both were more than ready to dig in! We were filled with anticipation more and more with every step we took down the street. Our conversation was filled with laugher as we joked about who has the bigger sweet tooth.

As soon as I opened the door to the bakery, I felt enveloped in a cloud of sugary heaven. The cozy aromas of sweet glazes, freshly baked dough, and fragrant spices are simply irresistible.

We ordered a 6-pack to share that comes in a beautifully crafted bright pink box. We opened the lid and our eyes lit up with excitement.

I ate their Vanilla Cream, Spooky Spice, and Pumpkin Spice Latte 100-layer donut flavors.

The Spooky Spice was rolled in cinnamon sugar and my favorite of their October flavors. It was a marvelous flavor explosion with the pairing of warm, aromatic cinnamon and sweet sugar. Each bite was like a cozy hug for my taste buds and just what I crave for the fall season.

The Vanilla Cream is one of their yearlong flavors which I also enjoyed tremendously. The donut was filled AND frosted on top with vanilla buttercream. You have to enjoy an abundance of super creamy frosting for this donut, but you bet I do! I got that trait from my wonderful mama. The fluffy croissant style dough and the rich buttercream was a lovely texture contrast.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte was my least favorite because the pumpkin flavor was too strong for my liking. The dough was rolled in coffee sugar which I thought was very creative and made the execution of the flavor fit the name perfectly. Sadly, I am just not a pumpkin spice latte fan but if you are, this donut will be your new best friend.

As I sat outside with my friend tasting all the flavors, we truly shared a time where all worries faded away. Going out for a sweet treat with a friend is a bonding experience needed for your soul. Living away from home for the first time certainly has its scary and nerve-racking emotions but, in this moment, we were both filled with joy together. Memories like this one I will always cherish and savor, just like Five Daughters Bakery's donuts!

Life is better when you listen to your body and enjoy a sweet treat! Balance is key!

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